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SwiftComply Backflow

SwiftComply Backflow addresses some of the main challenges within the backflow prevention industry, such as a lack of collaborative tools and poor data reliability. The system also opens up new possibilities for backflow management by allowing water customers to book and pay for tests online.

XC2 Software

XC2 Software saves you time and eliminates the need for paper records, instantly improving your program data's reliability. XC2's database system automates the backflow program admin while making it easy to track and improve compliance.

SEMS Technologies

SEMS Technologies carries a full line of management products to give you the flexibility you need. Additional features can be tailored to meet your system’s unique needs.

SwiftComply Backflow

Backflow Prevention Made Easy

Over 400 cities across North America trust SwiftComply to support and enhance their compliance programs. 

BAT Database - For Testers

BMI's cross connection control software package just got better. It's more powerful, has more features and is easier to use. Building on the strong and stable foundation of Version 2, we took our easy to use interface and reliable database and combined them with powerful new features. Many of the ideas for these enhancements came from users in the field like yourself; experience and expertise make a better product.

BPMS Software

BPMS Software is leading provider of backflow prevention management solutions that are used to automate a wide range of manual processes - increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving customer service

Safe Water Commission

Safe Water Commission provides a variety of solutions designed to assist municipalities with managing their backflow prevention program to meet compliance requirements. From fully-managed backflow prevention programs that outsource all backflow prevention activities to Safe Water Commission down to simply using our web-based Backflow Prevention Software, Safe Water Commission solves backflow prevention challenges.


Tokay Software has been publishing dedicated backflow administration software since 1986 and is considered the leader in the industry. Tokay's 100% Microsoft applications are designed to intelligently manage Cross-Connection Control programs efficiently and effectively. Tokay's over 4,000 users nationwide and abroad enjoy the most user-friendly, comprehensive Backflow Prevention software in the industry.

Aqua Backflow

Aqua Backflow specializes in Cross-Connection Control and F.O.G. Programs. Our plans can be complete with regular mailings, educating the water user, and maintaining a hands-off approach for your Municipal, Industrial and Commercial water utility division


iWorQ’s Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention software was created to help meet strict state regulations regarding cross-connection control and to ensure that the city’s water supply is protected from harmful contaminants resulting from backflow. Our software will help users to be efficient, effective, and save time while managing water customers.

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