Case Histories of Selected Backflow Incidents

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Detailed Information            Pacific Nortwest AWWA List            Incidents - The Backflow Diva

Agriculture PremisesJun 1983Woodsboro, Maryland2, 3, 4
Beverage Bottling PlantDec 1987Spokane, Washington2
Car Wash FacilityFeb 1979Seattle, Washington1, 2, 3, 4
Chemical PlantOct 1986Lacey's Chapel, Alabama2, 3, 4
ClinicNov 1993Wilson, North Carolina2, 5
DairySep 1979Porland, Oregon2
Dental OfficeNov 1990Kansas2
Filming Location - Special EffectsOct 1994Los Angeles, California2
Film LaboratoryOct 1978U.S. Navy ship at sea2, 4
Fire Protection SystemJun 1979Meridian, Idaho1, 2
Gas Storage FacilityAug 1982Connecticut2, 3, 4
Gas Tank Maintenance FacilityMar 1989Fordyce, Arkansas2
Hospital/Autopsy FacilityDec 1964Michigan2
Industrial Facility - Chemical used to ProcessMay 1988Edgewater, Florida2
Industrial Facility - Process Water System1992Edmonton, Alberta, Canada2
LaboratoryOct 1989Edmonton, Alberta, Canada2
Mortuary?? 3
Packing HouseOct 1979Marshalltown, Iowa2, 4
Paper Product PlantNov 1987Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada2
Pest Control CompanyJun 1987Fair Lawn and Hawthorne, New Jersey2, 4, 6
Plating PlantJun 1987Kitchener, Ontario, Canada2
Poultry FarmJun 1991Cass, Arkansas2, 4
Premises Where Consumer's Potable Water System Supplies a Cooling SystemJul 1989Cincinnati, Ohio 2
Premises Where Consumer's Potable Water System Supplies a Heat ExchangerFeb 1984Riverbend, Oregon2
Premises Where Consumer's Potable Water System Supplies a Irrigation Piping SystemOct 1991Southgate, Michigan 2, 4, 7
Premises Where Consumer's Potable Water System Supplies a Space Heating Hot-Water BoilerJan 1990Brighton, Colorado2, 4
Premises with an Auxiliary Water System Jul 1993Coos Bay, Oregon2
Premises with a Reclaimed Water System Sep 1996Hillsborough County, Florida9
RefineryMay 1979Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada1
ShipyardJan 1981Norfolk, Virginia2, 3, 4
Temporary Water Loading StationNov 1976Wenatchee, Washington1, 2, 8
Tire Retreading PlantMar 1988Eugene, Oregon2
Veterinary OfficeJun 1983Calgary, Alberta, Canada1
Wastewater Treatment PlantDec 1983San Antonio, Texas1
WineryDec 1970Cincinnati, Ohio2


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